Meet The Team Monday!

Say Hello to Cerys!

Law student by day, FMF Glitter Artist and Face Paint Queen by night!

Cerys is a much welcomed addition to our Team. Warm, smart and ambitious, she is the epitome of Girl Power!

Cerys says:

"Face Me Fabulous is such an exciting job and has allowed me to travel to amazing parts of the country I wouldn't normally get the chance to go to. The people we meet at events have such a great energy and are a pleasure to work with!"

Cerys - We hope you continue to enjoy your time with us before you go Girl Bossing it in the Law Courts...! #glittersister #girlpower #iobject!

Pic: Cerys rocking our B*TCH I'M FABULOUS biodegradable Half Moon Glitter with our Fabulous Director, Amy Brock, at Paloma Faith.