Hi I'm Jodie Wretham and I'd like to welcome you to Face Me Fabulous!

As a qualified Makeup Artist predominately working Bridal & Makeover jobs, I started dabbling in the world of Face Painting. I quickly realised that I had a real love for it and in 2016, Face Me Fabulous was created! Everyone has had their faces painted at one point in their lives, but my guiding passion behind creating Face Me Fabulous was to bring a modern, fresh and funky twist to an old school trend. As an MUA, Face Painting and Glitter work affords me maximum creativity, so my personal passion for my work quickly led to masses of customer recommendations and local support.

The business quickly began to boom and before I knew it, small party bookings turned to larger ones and local events turned into Festivals.After delving into the wonderful world of events, I became passionate about Glitter and began to move in different areas such as adult face painting for the LGBT community, and re-found my love for all things flower craft. We have become an integrated part of both Canterbury and Margate PRIDE events where we have become known as the Pride Glitter Tribe, a sparkly badge that we wear with honour!

Face Me Fabulous consists of four main brands which are:

FABULOUS FACES - Children's Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Festival Glitter & Party Bookings.
B*TCH I'M FABULOUS - Glitter, Face Painting & UV-Glo for Adult & LGBT events.
DRAG ME FAB! - Individual & group Drag makeover tutorials.
CROWN ME FABULOUS - Provoke curiosity & awe by creating your own bespoke Flower Crown.

My team and I are ready to spring into action for your next event, party or workshop. So just give us a call, drop us an email or hook up on social media to chat about your requirements. We look forward to making you Fabulous!

Love Jodie xxxxxxxxx