We like our 'Beth's' how we like our apples...!

  • Sweet, reliable and a great all-rounder, FMF Team Member Bethany Bramley brings the 'calm' to our crew, and her aura, quirky sense of humor and epic co-pilot skills makes her a popular Team Member to work with.

With a natural flair for Face Painting and a qualification in early years childcare, Beth fitted straight into her role as Party Agent/Face Painter/Glitter Artist.

Children adore her, parents flirt with her, and we just bloody love her!

Beth says:

"Face Me Fabulous never feels like work. I get to have an amazing time, travelling across the country soaking up the atmosphere at some incredible Music Concerts and Events, with some of the best people! I enjoy every minute of it.
This job has been an amazing opportunity for me to step outside of my 'Mum Life' and it has helped me to grow my confidence hugely!
Always a lot of love for Team FMF."

Bethany - never we will accept a notice of resignation. ;0)

Pic: Beth rocking the Rainbow & Good Vibes look at Rock The Mote Festival, Mote Park, Maidstone,