Find Your Happy Place... Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 Day 1

18-24 May is Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 - Day 1

What makes you happy?

We'll be uploading hobbies/activities the FMF Team enjoy, which help to channel our inner zen and balance our Mental Health.

First up is FMF Founder, Jodie! #flowerpower

Jodie says:

"I miss group crafting SO much!! Looking at these photos feels like another lifetime ago!
The long anticipated wait for festival and event season to start each year after our very grey and dreary Blighty winters, is always something I look forward to! but now, in the midst of a global pandemic with no clear end in sight or idea of when our beloved events can start up again, it's important to keep the dream alive and to not lose touch of the feeling I get when we are out and about all over the country, 'doing our thing'!
So here is a pic of me doing my thing. My happy place. Flowers, sunshine, freedom in the outside world!
Just generally taking an hour out to sit down together and enjoy craft. And something that I can continue to do now at home, during this time of lock-down :)"
"Can't wait to see you all again soon" xxx