Find Your Happy Place...Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 Day 5

What a year to join the Team!!

Danyell joined us at the start of this year, excited by the opportunities to help spread positive vibes and glitter love, at a number of events and music concerts we were due to attend across the UK. Sadly, the universe had other ideas; which has subsequently led to periods of lock-down across the globe, seeing the prohibition of large gatherings, that has led to the 2020 Live Music & Events circuit being cancelled or postponed.

Here, Danyell speaks to us openly and frankly about her personal struggles with Mental Health, as a direct result of her diagnosis of Bipolar and Borderline Personality disorder; highlighting that home-craft and creation doesn't do it for everyone.  

Danyell says:

"Living with Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder is always challenging and even more so in these current times. I keep myself as busy as I can; both for my personal gain professionally and to help combat my Mental Health struggles associated with my conditions. At the moment, I have no time for hobbies! It is literally my full-time work and studies getting me through. I work as a carer on the front-line and am mid-way through my degree to become a Counsellor."
"I am also a single Mum to my gorgeous teenage daughter, and have recently found a new partner; so I get a lot of love and support from them."

Note of remembrance 2022

'Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know that they are happy.'

For our Glitter Sister, Danyell, Rest in Peace.