Find Your Happy Place... Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 Day 2

Calling all Pup lovers and up-cyclers!

Here's Tiff, showing you how to put these crazy Covid days to good use.

Tiff says:

"Up-cycling second hand furniture has been such a perfect way to focus my mind throughout lock-down. Not only do I enjoy the whole process of bringing life to something old, but the pride it brings when you step back and look at the finished project is so refreshing!
The only part of up-cycling I dislike, is waiting for the paint to dry between coats! BUT lucky for me my little pup, Sage (the sausage dog), gives THE best cuddles...which is perfect for passing the time!"
"I also treated our cats (Echo & Poo Bear) to a new toy I made from our old 'Hello Fresh' boxes - what do you guys think?"

10/10 for imagination Tiff! A toy tank for your pets?? Genius!